In 2011 begins to consider the possibility of starting a jewelry design project. In this first trial develops a line with a strong rocker character. Seeing the good reception given to the first collection, the project is taking shape and is postualed as an outlet in which to apply the knowledge acquired.
Several distinct lines define LOXID work and gradually join others that cobine current trends of fashion with the use of new materials and new production techniques and design.
A workshop itself was designed and manufactured products LOXID. Integral management we work from LOXID makes small production of each item have an care manufacturing process to ensure quality materials.
In 2012 LOXID becomes real and starts its journey. Since then LOXID has been selected to participate in various Markets and Festivals of Design in Spain and Germany. We have participated on Nomad Market (Madrid), Lana Kutxa Kultur (San Sebastian), Pulgas Mix (Barcelona).
LOXID currently sold in multibrand on-line stores and physical stores in Spain and Russia.